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About Us

​Our Mission 

We create products inspired by our loved ones for your loved ones.

RHM Innovations Inc. focuses on developing solutions for age related problems and for individuals with decreased mobility. The founders, Courtney J. Burris and Brandon J. Davis recently lost many of their loved ones to health-related issues from 2019-2020. They used these tragedies to fuel a business venture that produces products to improve the quality of life for individuals who struggle to perform Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). They work every day to develop products to help the loved ones of their customers in the way they wished they could have helped their loved ones.

We are a young and hungry team that puts the end user at the center of every product design. We aspire to bring comfort, ease, and independence to aging individuals and aim to revolutionize the bathing process.

If you are interested in learning more about the founders, our team, or our products, then please explore our website or feel free to reach out to us!


​Our Inspirations

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They put the R-H-M in RHM Innovations
Co-founders Courtney and Brandon united over shared familial experiences and loss. Each letter in the company name RHM stands for the name of someone the team has loved and lost who motivates their work.

stands for Robert and Rachael. Robert was co-founder Courtney's father and he is the inspiration for The Aiding Arm. Rachael is Courtney's best friend's mom and was like a second mom to Courtney. 


stands for Helene. Helene was co-founder Brandon's aunt and motivated him to pursue biochemistry in an effort to find a cure for cancer. 

stands for Marvin, Marcia, and Mary -- Brandon and Courtney's grandparents. Each of them were huge supporters of Brandon and Courtney from their childhood until graduate school.

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​Our Team


Courtney Burris (CJ)

(Co-Founder & CEO)

CJ is a senior level PhD student in Industrial Engineering at SUNY Buffalo. Her engineering background has given her the tools to design all of RHM's products.

Brandon Davis

(Co-Founder & CFO)

Brandon is a senior level PhD student in Biochemistry at the University of Rochester. He has 6 years of sales experience, selling over $40,000 worth of products.

Dr. Bruce Troen

(Aging Specialist)

Dr. Troen is the director of the Center of Successful Aging at the Jacobs Institute and specializes in bench-to-bedside projects.

Dr. Victor Paquet

(Accessible Design Expert)

Dr. Paquet is the ISE department chair at SUNY Buffalo and is an expert in inclusive and accessible design.

John Seman

(Business Mentor)

John is the CEO of Revitale Pharma and formally worked for LaunchNY and Johnson & Johnson.

Special thank you to our partners!

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