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Products Coming Soon*!

The Aiding Arm



Our flagship product is The Aiding Arm. The Aiding Arm is a clip-on shower chair attachment with a patented two-lever, two-lock system that moves a removable showerhead along a track, front-to-back, and side-to-side. The lever system can move from the right to the left side to accommodate all users. The device is height and width adjustable to fit a variety of chairs, showers, and users. It is lightweight and easily attachable.

The Electric Aiding Arm*



Due to popular demand, we will be introducing a luxury model of The Aiding Arm -- an electric version! Pop the showerhead into place and with the push of a button the showerhead will come to you, putting you in control of your own shower! This product can be easily installed into an existing shower and uses already available power sources.

Drop n' Prop*



The Drop n' Prop is a shower chair attachment that clips on to the legs of a shower chair. You can drop the step and prop your leg up onto it allowing you to wash those hard to reach places. This product is made out of plastic so it is lightweight, durable, and waterproof. The step has textured grooves as an added safety feature.

Accessible Shower Caddy*



In many ADA accessible showers the only spot to store soaps and shampoos is behind you, but with our shower caddy your soaps are all within reach! It is designed to fit 3 large bottles and can attach to support bars or to the shower chair itself. The product is made out of durable mesh material to ensure water does not get trapped. It has colorful straps so you can personalize your shower space!

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