Us, Advisory Board, and Partners

The executive team at RHM, led by Dr. Courtney Burris and Brandon Burris, combines academic expertise, personal motivation, and practical experience. Their caregiving experiences inspired the foundation of RHM, highlighting the pressing issues faced by caregivers and motivating action. This personal experience and their commitment to customer discovery ensures that RHM’s approach is deeply rooted in an understanding of the problem they aim to solve. Further, Courtney has a PhD in engineering and expertise in accessible design and ergonomics and Brandon has extensive experience in sales which contributes hands-on proficiency.

RHM Innovations team


The advisory board, featuring specialists in healthcare, insurance, accessible technology, aging, and entrepreneurship, significantly enhances the team's capabilities, providing a comprehensive network of support and guidance across various facets of product development. Partnerships with Tresca Designs and elder care organizations further fortify the team's prowess in executing their innovative concept. Collaborating with institutions like the University at Buffalo and University of Rochester enriches RHM's collective knowledge, adding depth to their strategic initiatives. The team's commitment to tackling a critical issue is demonstrated through over 400 customer discovery interviews across the healthcare spectrum, showcasing their dedication to comprehensively understanding the problem from diverse perspectives. The extensive network and partnerships emphasize RHM's collaborative approach, underscoring the pivotal role of the team in successfully executing their transformative concept. As the team transitions from full-time academic commitments to dedicating their efforts to RHM, their combination of compassion, experimental rigor, and strategic partnerships underscores their preparedness for the challenges ahead.