The Aide-ing Arm (patent pending) is a standalone assistive shower system designed to ease the strain on caregivers during bathing while enhancing overall care and hygiene for residents. With minimal assembly required, caregivers can easily attach the removable shower head to the top track of the device, making it ready for use in less than 5 minutes. The device features a square base with lockable rubber wheels for effortless mobility between shower rooms.

Its height-adjustable vertical pole enables caregivers to customize the device to fit the resident being bathed. The horizontal track, attached to the vertical pole, holds the shower head carriage. Caregivers can smoothly move the showerhead along the track, pivot it in a rotary motion, and lock it into place anywhere along the track. This provides caregivers with total control over water flow, allowing them to use both hands for bathing—crucial for safety. Importantly, the design ensures the resident stays comfortably in the water throughout the shower, enhancing the overall bathing experience compared to traditional removable shower heads.

the aide-ing arm